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Who we are and what we do


We like to think of ourselves as a hybrid.

Whilst we broker deals so that we can offer our clients the widest and most competitive choice of short term lending products, that’s not all we do.

Our exclusive arrangement with two private funders makes us different and introduces the concept of correspondent lending (previously only available in residential lending) into the UK commercial sector.

Both funds allow us to facilitate true, 100%, fully funded joint venture deals as well as other sectors that more traditional lenders shy away from; namely modular construction builds, care home finance and eco/green commercial developments.

Our independence is our strength.

No. Please see the question above for a full explanation.

Because we offer a blended service of part broker/part lender.

Yes of course we still use some of the biggest and best alternative finance providers and have built excellent relationships with many of them. However, we also have access to two funds exclusively, funds that specialise in JV finance.

Both funds allow us to process the application on their behalf and we are the sole distributors of their products in the UK.

So when a client comes to us with an enquiry, we have the choice of the whole of the short term lending market and two exclusive private funding lines, meaning that an application through ourselves offers clients an excellent chance of getting their loan approved and paid out quickly.

It also ensures we have secured the most competitive rate and fee structure, based on a borrowers individual circumstances.

We want your deal to complete (almost) as much as you do. If it doesn’t, we don”t get paid. Simple.

Hence why we go the extra mile for our clients.

We will provide you with loan calculators, development appraisal forms, cashflow forecast spreadsheets and build schedules. We will also provide you with marketing material for the sale or let of your finished property, professionally designed in-house quickly and at no extra cost to you.

No broker fees at all. Ever.

There are two fee structures:

  1. If we are placing your deal through a traditional short term bridging or development lender, we usually take 1% from the standard lender arrangement fee of 2% and that’s it. No broker fees, upfront fees and we always try to avoid lenders with an exit fee.
  2. If we are placing your deal through one of our two private funders, we don’t charge any fees, not even from the lender arrangement fee. That means the lender arrangement fee will be just 1% and no exit fees either. No broker fees, no upfront fees or any other fees. We will get paid by the funders ONLY when the deal completes and that could be 12 or 18 months away.

Direct borrowers such as professional property developers and members of the public and introducers such as IFAs, accountants and mortgage brokers.

Just go to our APPLY page or email us here.


We fund property deals.

Not asset finance, trade finance, invoice finance or working capital loans – just property.

We work with a small network of funders, both institutional and private, two of whom are exclusive to us.

This is achieved through a combination of debt and equity which allows us to structure deals that other more traditional finance arrangers can’t.

This means that we may fund one deal by way of a straight forward debt facility (loan) or we could do it by way of injecting equity into the deal (joint venture). Quite often, we do both at the same time, allowing the borrower to finance a project with none of their own cash.

Debt deals are simple: We utilise the services of a number of short term lenders, prepare and package the application so that when the lender receives it, they have all of the information they require at their fingertips. This will include cash flow forecasts, development appraisals and other relevant information. This allows them to make an informed decision quickly.

Equity / Joint Venture deals: This is where we call upon the services of our two exclusive private funders. We structure the transaction so that each party takes a % of the net profit arising from the deal. This may be 50/50, it may be 60/40 (in either favour) but it depends on the deal structure, the track record of the borrower and market demand.

Please get in touch here if you would like to know more.