Gap Funding

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Gap Funding (also known as mezzanine finance) is a way of bridging the gap when all of your finance options have been exhausted. Most lenders active in the short term lending sector will offer either a straightforward bridging loan or development finance or both. However, even offering both of these lending products isn't always enough [...]

100% Joint Venture Finance

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There is Joint Venture Finance and then there is Joint Venture Finance. Some finance providers require the borrower to put in 'hurt money'. This means an amount of money that the borrower puts into a deal so that if it went wrong, it would cause them massive pain...Hence the phrase, hurt money. We don't. We [...]

Welcome to A1 Funding

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We are loan facilitators. We help property developers, entrepreneurs, brokers and other property professionals find the right finance at the right price, for their project. Because we offer a blended service by utilising the best bits of being a broker (the widest choice of lending criteria, competitive rates and fees, speed), we also have access [...]