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Work with us

We are always open to the idea of working with new lending partners.

We operate two models:

1. We work with high street / institutional and alternative finance providers active in the short term lending sector and…

2. Private funders such as family offices and HNW individuals who wish to access our vast network of contacts and work with us on a white label/exclusive basis.

Service Agreement

All we ask is that you :
1. Call us back within a reasonable timeframe after we have emailed or left you a voice message and
2. You never try to circumvent us by contacting our clients without our express permission.

We only work with a panel of circa 20 lenders maximum and that will reduce over time as we build closer relationships with our lending partners.

We are always happy to work with new lenders but we would prefer it if you have something new or unique to offer.

We are not ‘rate chasers’ so the most important aspect of our business is actually doing the deal.

  • Must be a company email address, not Gmail, Yahoo, etc

You can download our service level agreement below.

Please note: If you cannot or will not (at least try to) adhere to this agreement, there really is no point in us trying to develop a relationship – all the lenders we currently deal with do.